Monday, 20 August 2012

The August Lust List

As a baker who is still finding her feet, there are so many accessories, ingredients and equipment that I am yet to use or discover. It makes baking exploring a lot more exciting! Although I do get some concerned looks when I get giddy over mixing bowls...

I will aim to post a list of a few items each month that I am lusting over.

Cake stand with dome
Marks & Spencer £39.50
Could this be anymore gorgeous? Simple, elegant and fabulous. I want.

Cath Kidston Single Tier Cake Stand
John Lewis £22
Very vintage style item! Would be perfect for afternoon tea.

Plastic Mixing Bowl Set
Asda £5
Great starter item and vital for your baking kit. I got my wish and got these for my birthday!

Fred M Cup Measuring Matroyshkas
Amazon £8.92
American 'cup' measurements are essential for following all those fabulous American recipes. And these measuring cups are super cute to boost!

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