Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The November Lust List

November is here. Dark nights, fireworks and Christmas shopping begins (if you are more organised than me that is!) Maybe some of the items on my lust list this month will end up on your Christmas list!

Heart and Scroll Cupcake Box
Bakey Cakey from £1.49
Are you planning on giving cupcakes as gifts this Christmas? These cute and funky boxes will be brilliant to put them in! I love the retro design.

Autumn Cupcake Stencils Set
Williams Sonoma £7.28
Thanksgiving is this month, and whether you celebrate it or not, these fab stencils will add an Autumn theme to your cupcakes!

Giant Pink Cupcake Carrier
Betty Crocker $24.95
I saw this a few weeks ago in T K Maxx and really wanted it, I've since been back and they didn't have it anymore. These carriers are so convenient for taking cupcakes to friends and parties. I've seen it on ebay, but struggled to find it elsewhere online. Sadly Betty Crocker doesn't ship to the UK - let me know if you find this anywhere else!

Mini Pocket Pie Moulds
Williams Sonoma £14.67
Ok so another Williams Sonoma product, but I just discovered this website and the stuff on there is amazing, I want it all!! Seriously it was hard to narrow it down to just two. These little pie moulds are the cutest and perfect for Christmas canapes and nibbles.


  1. I like the cupcake box, very girly and cute :-) x

  2. I've seen loads of those cupcake carriers in TK Maxx... you might still find them there :)
    x ♥ x