Wednesday, 9 January 2013

The January Lust List

January is all about new starts, new regimes, diets, saving money, and making resolutions. The diet part I hate. Although I support anyone who wants to have a healthy and active lifestyle, as long as it includes the occasion baked treat! Personally I haven't made any set resolutions this year, there are a few things I would like this year. A nice holiday, a new place to live, for my blog to continue doing well, and to stay happy and healthy. Money is tight this time of year, so with that in mind, this month's lust list items are all under £5!

Whitworths Twist & Sprinkle Icing Sugar
Tesco £1.99
I recently won a goodie bag from Whitworths Sugar and it included this clever new sugar pack design. I've tried it out, found it really easy to use, and it created a great dusting effect with very little effort! I'm very impressed and think it's a clever idea.

4 Individual Silicone Savarin Rings
Lakeland £2.99
Remember the Rum Babas from the first episode of The Great British Bake Off? Well these moulds are perfect for making them in, plus as they're silicone and not metal, they will probably make removing the Babas a lot easier!

Gold Cake Decorating Glitter
Planet Bake £2.75
You can get this decorating glitter in lots of colours, but I bought a pot of the gold one recently. I've sprinkled it over cake and cupcakes so far for extra sparkle! It's so much fun to use and gives such a great effect I've had to restrain myself from sprinkling it on everything I eat!

The Cupcake Plunger
Funky Muffin £3.15
I have wanted one of these for ages! I make a lot of cupcakes with fillings in the middle (Trifle Cupcakes & Mince Pie Cupcakes both feature on this blog) and this is such a handy little tool. Definitely a January purchase for me!


  1. Your lust list never fails to make me yearn! The Whitworth's Icing Sugar idea is amazing though - just added it to this week's shopping list!
    Love your blog!

  2. Thanks Victoria! Glad you are enjoying my lust lists! Will check out your blog too, hope you like the icing sugar as much as I did :)