Sunday, 7 July 2013

The July Lust List

This month it's my birthday! Don't worry it's not till the 30th so you have plenty of time to shop ;) I'm getting closer and closer to 30 which is a bit concerning for me so I'm determined to enjoy what little I have left of my 20's. The reason 30 feels like such a milestone is because it's that kind of age that signifies 'growing up' (eeek!). Although saying that I'll probably feel the same at 40 and 50... All of this month's Lust List items are thing I would love to receive for my birthday!

Three Tier Pastel Glass Cake Stand
Baker & Maker, £34.95
This cake stand is absolute gorgeous. I love glassware and the pastel colours are stunning and elegant. The stands can also be used seperately.

Wilton 6 Cavity Donut Pan
Amazon, £8.26
Donuts are one of my favourite treats. One birthday I had a box of Krispy Kreme's with candles on the donuts instead of a cake! It was amazing! Although I love jam filled donuts, ring ones can be just a good when topped with different glazes.

Cook's Blowtorch
John Lewis, £19.00
I have wanted one of these for ages! And they have so many more uses than you would think. Perfect for browning meringues, finishing off a creme brulee, blackening the skin of veggies like peppers and tomatoes, making gooey marshmallows, cooking meat, melting cheese...the list goes on!

Chocolate Pizza
The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Company, from £10.45
Ok not strictly to do with baking... but hey it's my birthday and I'll talk about chocolate pizza if I wanna! These look beyond delicious and would be an amazing alternative (or addition!) to a Birthday cake! The Honeycomb & Marshmallow flavour sounds yummy.


  1. I really like the chocolate pizza! I first had chocolate pizza in Rio De Janeiro, it was simply delicious! x

    1. Wow sounds great! I hope I get one on my birthday :)